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The kittens of La Perla are 2 weeks old!
The kittens of La Saphyra are 1 week old!
Don Corleone en Don Giovanni

We're very sad to announce that we lost our kittens 'Don Corleone' and 'Don Giovanni'.


Rest in piece behind the rainbow sweet boys...  We'll never forget you...



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Pictures of La Perla's baby's!

La Perla's baby's are 1 week old!

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Picture : 'Dolce e Havana'


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La Saphyra her litter is born!

On July 29th our Shagio-Chen La Saphyra gave birth to her litter with Koosje van Tutte's HavaNa-Gila.

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Picture: La Saphyra with 'Expecting to Fly' and 'Eye Catcher'


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