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New pictures of the Oriental kittens of Dolce Vita and AL !

The kittens of our H-litter are 3 weeks old!

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The show in Beveren from November 6th 2011

Joysa Cats Galendriel : BEST IN VARIETY, BEST IN SHOW and BEST OVER ALL all breed youngsters !!!! And all votes from all judges :-); Congrats to our sweet, pretty girl !

Joysa Cats Extraordinary: (blue tabby blotched, male, 10 weeks): BEST IN SHOW & BEST IN VARIETY in the Special and All Breed !!!!


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Our Oriental Shorthair kittens!

The Oriental baby's of Dolce Vita in Blue and Cinsation-AL are 2 weeks old!


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New pictures of the 'baby's' of Jaipura Star and Garibaldi!

The Maine Coon kittens are 9 weeks old!


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Babypictures of our Oriental kittens!

The first pictures of the Oriental Shorthair kittens of 'Joysa Cats Dolce Vita in Blue' and 'Koosje van Tutte's Cinsation-AL'


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